Coaches welcome OT rule change

Next season in venues across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, three-on-three overtime will be implemented in an attempt to add excitement to ice hockey’s Elite League.

Fife Flyers Head Coach, Todd Dutiaume, said: “Three-on-three, I think you will find there is a good chance you won’t get to a shootout.

“It is good to try things out and shows the Elite League is moving forward.”

Piggybacking off the success of the change in the National Hockey League. EIHL Director, Todd Kelman said: “From a fan point of view, watching NHL overtime is just awesome. You see way more goals and see chance after chance.”

On the issue of penalties in overtime. Kelman, said: “It goes to a four-on-three power play in overtime, we don’t go to three-on-two,”

“If there is a carry-over penalty from the game in regulation time, it carries over into overtime as five-on-four.

“At the first stoppage of play you go back to three-on-three.”

With the news of this rule change coming close to playoff time it gives fans of Edinburgh and Manchester something to look forward to next season.

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